A little about the wax:

V wax studio uses the creme de la creme of wax; for sensitive areas we use hard wax. For larger areas, we use our gentle strip wax always keeping sensitive skin in mind. Our wax contains coconut oil (who isn't obsessed with coconut oil ) to not only make your waxing experience as smooth as possible but also maintain the integrity of your skin.  We do customize each wax for every client and go out of our way to educate everyone about pre and post care. Here at V wax studio we really try to think about and accommodate every little detail. 


A little about the owner:

Tatiana comes from a generation of estheticians and massage therapists. So she has always felt a sense of comfortability in a spa-like environment. She made the decision to solely focus on perfecting the art of waxing after encountering far too many waxing nightmares of her own. Try getting a Brazilian with someone who says nothing.. Not one word. Awkward is right! Ha. She's a pro at making a situation that would normally be awkward more of a girl chat, catching up on everything from all the trash reality tv we don't like to admit that we like to watch (shhh, real housewives anyone?) to the new guy you're dating. Her main focus is to provide an excellent service with amazing results, and the newfound confidence you walk out with is just an added bonus. 

"Finding your passion isn't about careers and money. It's about finding your authentic self. The one you've buried under everyone else's needs."